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Clipper ‘s Dock Reverse HC concerned about the birth of “super team” “troublesome if considered from a competitive point of view”

f Chris Paul moves to Spurs this summer, “super team” will be born again in West
When Kevin Durantt joined the Golden State Warriors last year off, everyone thought that Warriors would definitely enter the NBA final. And, Warriors has won the final for the third consecutive year, and is predicted to be overwhelmingly advantageous in the series with Cleveland Cavaliers.
Los Angeles Clippers’ dock, reverse head coach will be on May 30 (Japan time 31st) while the formation of “super team” where star players gather in one team for the purpose of winning is a recent trend, When I appeared in the TV program “Mike & Mike”, I gave an opinion on this trend.

Doc Rivers
“As in the case of last year’s Durant, it is hard to say that it is difficult for a star player to transfer to another team, which is very troublesome from a competitive team, he said last year’s playoff Losing to Warriors and joining that Warriors, of course he has no problem in his decision, but it would be natural to think that it would be impossible if he said it from a competitive point of view. ”
“There is nothing wrong with his decision, it is only an opinion from the competitive aspect to the last.When I was active, it was not easy for me to move to Detroit (Pistons) when my era Even if it is so, Durant has the right to transfer to another team and other free agent players do the same and can not do anything. ”
Durant exercised the FA right so that Reverse HC repeatedly argued, and merely moved to the team he wanted. However, in reverse HC, star players gathered, showing a disappointing tendency for a team with dominant power in the league to be born.
Reverse HC led the Boston Celtics who formed “Big 3” called Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and won the 2008 win. Nonetheless, the case of Celtics is different from the super team by FA players, as garnet and alln acquired in trade. A closer example is that Lebron James and Chris Bosch who became FA in 2010 moved to Miami Heat and formed “Three Kings” with Dwyane Wade.
Despite being not a star player, leading FA players are also on the rise to transfer to the team of strong teams for the purpose of winning. For example, David West belonged to San Antonio Spurs last season but moved to Warriors off last year. Although I have not left the impact as much as Durant, I am certain that it is one who joined the powerhouse and raised the team’s power of Warriors. The same can be said to Cleveland Cavaliers. Other teams joined Cabbs from the middle of this season as Delaware Williams, a leading point guard-grade leader, will achieve the goal of winning.
In order to deter the tendency of the star players to gather in one team, the NBA declared that if the franchise player extends the contract with the current team to which he belongs, the NBA agreed to a “supermark agreement” far beyond the rival team in terms of money Collective Bargaining Agreement) was revised. However, it is still left to the decision of the player in the end.
As rumored, if it turns out that becoming unlimited FA now unchecked FA, if a thick Chris Paul moves to Spurs, a situation close to last year’s case of Durant will occur. If Paul joins the few teams that can compete against Warriors within the Western Conference, West’s strength chart will change dramatically. As well as strengthening Spurs’ team power, weakening of the clippers who lose the pole is inevitable.
If Reverse HC is not happy with Durant’s decision, if Paul decides to transfer to Spurs, he should not be calm in the midst.

Scalping method using RSIOMA and moving average line

Trading style Scalping

Hourly foot 1 minute

Trading market Anywhere possible

Win% 90%

Profit / loss ratio R = 3

Average profit + 15pips

Average loss -5 pips

Chart settings

EMA setting value 50

RSIOMA setting value 9 · 14

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List studio

Chart EURUSD, D1, 2017.05.29 03:26 UTC, IFCMarkets. Corp., MetaTrader 4, Demo

Entry rules

Buy entry

· Candlestick is above 50 EMA

· RSIOMA is 20 to 30 and golden cross

· Confirm that the candlestick fell back after 50 EMA approached

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· Candlestick is under 50 EMA

· RSIOMA is dead crossing between 20 and 30

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Put a limit on +15 pips

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Reverse tiling method using the daily legs recent high lows!

Reverse tiling method using the daily legs recent high lows!


Trading style day trading

Hourly Daily Daily / 1 hour

Currency pair Eurodoll

Trading market European market, NY market

Winning rate 80%

Profit / loss ratio R = 2

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Display 5, 9, 25 moving average lines on the daily leg chart.
5 represents 1 week, 9 represents 2 weeks, 25 represents average monthly price movements.
Chart EURUSD, D1, 2017.05.26 02:12 UTC, IFCMarkets. Corp., MetaTrader 4, Demo
5, 9, 25 day moving average line of the daily stick is
When in order from top to bottom,
I enter from buying.
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Please make a final judgment of trade at your own risk.
We are not responsible for any losses by this article.
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